Resources in English

Since there are so many bookshops, video stores, etc. on the World Wide Web which carry primarily English-language materials, this page will have to specialize. Only companies which specialize in helping English speaking families in non-English speaking countries, or which are specially recommended by biling-fam list members, will appear here.

The Fourth Beach Company
Darwin House,
Corby Gate Business Park,
Prors Haw Road,
Corby, Northants NN17 5JG
England UK
T: +44 1536 409454
F: +44 1536 409454
"[Fourth Beach] mail out a little catalogue (they're NOT a club) once a month with books, videos and some CD-ROMs to be ordered from England. The owner is a British mom who lived in Germany and is now back in England, but still well aware of the needs of English-speakers raising children in Germany.