Resources for German and Hungarian

soc.culture.german FAQ The Frequently Asked Questions list for the Usenet newsgroup soc.culture.german. Contains information about many German-language resources, and some sections that may prove useful to speakers of other languages (like a note about converting video tapes).

Kinderhotels Austria Family hotels where German-speaking children can meet other German-speakers. In German.

NKO-K&V Buch-Katalog A large catalog of mostly German books, videos, software, etc. Includes a search function. (e-mail:

ABC Buecherdienst Online Recommended by a reader for its selection of English-language PAL video tapes. I also found a search function (in English or German) that looks for books from the US/UK, Spain, and the Netherlands as well as Germany. (e-mail:

American Association of Teachers of German Lots of materials, books, software, etc.

German Folksongs and other German language resources. (I have a soft spot for sites that certify themselves "cookie free!)

German Language Video Center
Division of Heidelberg Haus
7625 Pendleton Pike
Indianapolis, IN 46226-5298
German-language videos in NTSC format. Also does PAL to NTSC video transfers for a small fee.

Wible Language Institute
24 S. 8th St.
PO Box 870
Allentown, PA 18105 USA
Recordings of stories and poems in German and Spanish

Continental Books
1103 46th St.
Long Island City, NY 11101 USA
Books in German, French, and Spanish

Kerekes Bros.
177 E. 87th St.
New York, NY 10028 USA
Children's books in Hungarian and German

Broderbund Europe A list of children's software available in UK English, French, German and Japanese (e-mail:

Usenet Newsgroups

Two Usenet newsgroups may be of interest to German-speaking families: de.soc.familie.misc for families in general and de.soc.familie.vaeter for separated or divorced fathers. Please note that this links will only work if your ISP gets the de.* newsgroups. If they don't work, contact the customer service people at your ISP and not me, please!