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What This Page is About

This page is maintained by Cindy Kandolf (cindy@nethelp.no), who is also list administrator for the Bilingual Families mailing list, biling-fam. If you would like to receive more information, send an empty message to


You will then receive a file containing information about the mailing list, including instructions for subscribing.

This page is intended primarily as a place for bilingual parents to find information and resources to help them raise their children bilingually. If you know of any information that "should" be on this page but isn't, drop Cindy a line.

Cindy also has a home page you can read if you're interested.


Each section has been moved to its own page. This should make downloading go faster for most people, and help you get to the information you want.

  1. Definitions
  2. Myths about Bilingualism
  3. Politics of Bilingualism
  4. Practical Help
  5. Special Problems of Bilingual Families
  6. Resources A new and hopefully improved index to many resources, on and off the Web, for bilingual families.
  7. Our Story: The Haug/Kandolf Family
  8. Future Plans For This Web Page Read this and see if you can contribute!
  9. Member's Pages The home pages of members of biling-fam
  10. Frequently Used Terms A brief guide to abbreviations that often come up on the biling-fam mailing list.

Since there are only two types of Web pages, those which have been abandoned and those which remain under construction, I hereby declare this page to be UNDER CONSTRUCTION.

Why is this page so boring?

This page is lacking many of the fancy graphics that have become typical of Web sites. There are two reasons for this. Partly, it's because these pages were written and are being maintained on a volunteer basis. I can only devote so much time to them, and I would rather spend that time adding useful information than adding special effects. And partly, it's because I want these pages to be available to everyone, regardless of which browser they are using. Download times from Europe to the US are also slow enough without adding decorations. I have added a simple background, though, because some browsers use a grey background as the default and black printing on a grey background can be hard to read.


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