Index of Resources for Bilingual Families

"Resources" is used here in the broadest sense of the term. In this section, you will find everything from books that others have found worth reading to places to order videos in your family's languages.

Some of the resources are grouped according to language. However, even if the language you are looking for - let's say, French, just as an example - is listed below, I recommend that you check the more general categories as well. Some of the companies listed under "Sources for Books and Other Materials", for instance, have a large number of books in French, but are not listed on the page specifically about French resources.

Suggestions and additions to this section in particular are especially welcome.

  1. Recommended Reading Books and newsletters of special interest to bilingual parents.
  2. People to Talk To Information about the biling-fam mailing list, plus relevant Web-based bulletin boards and chatting.
  3. General Web Sites Web sites for and about bilingual families - everything from children's songs in many languages to where to find a foreign language camp.
  4. Sources for Books and Other Materials Where to find books, videos, music, software, and similar material for your bilingual children
    By Language:
  5. Organizations National organizations for bilingual and multilingual families.
  6. Addresses Off-the-Internet sources for useful information and materials.
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