People to Talk To

Raising children with two languages is no less natural than raising them with one... and yet, we all seem to run into problems, doubts, or well-meant but confusing advice from time to time. The best advice comes from others in the same situation. Here are some places to extend your "bilingual support network", or to find people in your situation if you just can't find any other bilingual families where you are.

Mailing List

Before there was a Bilingual Families Web site, there was biling-fam, a mailing list for bilingual families. Most of the members are parents of bilingual children, but through the years we've also had grandparents, bilingual teens, and interested outsiders. All are welcome. If you'd like to find out more, send an empty message to

You will then receive a file containing information about the mailing list, including instructions for subscribing.

Roar Pettersen has been kind and brave enough to compile a table showing the languages and language combinations used by list members. A text version is also available. Many thanks to Roar for his contribution!

Web Boards and Chatting

Two parenting Web sites have boards for discussing bilingual kids: Parent Soup! and At present I do not know of any regular chat forums for bilingual parents.

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