This page is meant to help parents find books, music and other materials to make family bilingualism easier and more fun. Some are sorted by language and are found on their own pages:

Even if you're only interested in one of the languages above, don't forget to look at the lists below. At least one of these will be useful for each of the languages above.

biling-fam List member Silvia Tolisano maintains the Multilingual Fleamarket. You can buy, sell, or trade minority langauge books and materials here!


Music and Audio Cassettes

Video Cassettes

A Note About Video Standards: North America and Japan, among other places, use the NTSC standard for television transmission and video recording. Most of Europe (excluding France), Australia, and New Zealand, among other places, use PAL; France uses SECAM. This has nothing to do with VHS versus Beta; nearly all commercially available tapes are now VHS. The distinction is however just as important. If you buy a PAL tape from Germany, you will not be able to play it on your NTSC video player in New York (or vice-versa). You will either need to have the tape converted by a video or photo store that offers this service, or you will need to obtain a multi-standard video player.


Sites with Lists of Sources

I can't even pretend to make this page a comprehensive list of sources for bilingual children's materials. Additional lists can be found at sites like these:

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